I’m very excited to be bringing my podcast class to Vancouver in November. PODCAST BLAST! is a 3-hour starter workshop that takes you through all the steps to start building your own podcast. I start you right at the beginning – and for those of you who have some podcast experience, don’t worry! We all end up on the same page once everything gets going.

We begin with how the Canadian podcast industry is really starting to blossom, then we move onto equipment, streamlining ideas, recording and interviewing. The three hours go by quickly and when we’re done, you’ve got a good step forward to creating your own podcast.

Christina Cherneskey leads a small group at Saskatoon’s PODCAST BLAST

I also show participants how to post your podcast onto RSS streams and upload your finished product onto podcast hosting sites. After that, I’ll explain how that will get you onto sites like iTunes, Spotify and Google Music.

There’s no hard sell in these workshops, just a bit of hard work, discussion, Q & A and a few Power-Point sessions to get the message through.

My recent workshop in Saskatoon was exciting. Thanks to all of you who attended, Near the end of the three-hour session, I helped each participant with their interviewing skills. It was fun, often funny and a great way to cap off a successful morning.

Participants in PODCAST BLAST create and conduct interviews

Techniques are learned about interviewing guests, such a mic placement, eye contact and sincerity while interviewing

After the dust settled from this workshop, I too was able to create a podcast from the event. And I’m glad I did. It shows others who are in starting their podcasts that virtually any idea can be used. In this case, I was able to take what I taught and spin it into an informative podcast!

Here are some of the comments from the Saskatoon event:

“Christina is experienced, creates a welcoming classroom and shares, shares, shares!” Peggy
“I liked the interaction with others, along with a teacher who is chill!” Alexandra
“Lots of needed info delivered – especially with the interviewing.” Crystal

If you’re in Vancouver, sign up for this workshop! The link for Eventbrite is right here.

And check out my webpage too. Along with podcast course, I also help my clients with their PR, media relations and communications campaigns. Quite simply, I help you tell your story!



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