As many of you might know, I’ve added a few new additions to Christina Cherneskey Communications recently. My existing clients will attest that I help them promote their business, events, or brands using unique methods of social media  and other PR techniques. After spending virtually decades within Canada’s mainstream media industry, I’ve kept sharp in this ever-competitive industry by staying abreast of social media trends; learning new ways of sharing stories or business ideas, teaching, speaking, photographing and creating exciting new campaigns for my clients. Now, I’ve added podcasting to the fold.

Working in radio for as long as I have gives me the inside edge on how to create a successful podcast. After all, when you boil it all down, it’s just a radio show! And working within the digital advertising industry has also given me a new-found appreciation for finding the best, most clever ways to direct a message to a specific audience.

Here’s why I’m going great-guns into podcasting. It’s already an emerging platform and a proven tool to entice new clients and customers to your business. It solidifies your brand, because you know what you’re talking about! And it allows your audiences a chance to find out a little bit more about you than just seeing a sign over your company’s front door, or an ad on social media, or a commercial you might hear on the radio. It allows your targetted audience to hear your voice and your stories. And suddenly, just like that, you’re the expert that potential customers really want to meet.

I read an article recently in Forbes Magazine. It’s called Why Podcasting Is A Smart Marketing Strategy For Businesses Today.  In the article, Nancy Marshall, a Forbes Councils Member explains why it’s critical we as business owners, entrepreneurs and even successful CEOs should understand our audiences and learn how to build on what inspires them. When I worked in radio news and as a talk show host, I always took my audience’s potential preferences into consideration. I reminded myself daily who my audience was and who was going to be listening. If I was broadcasting on a Saturday morning, I changed my tone, the stories I aired and tried to present what I thought was the overall feel of a Saturday morning. If it was a Monday morning, the overall feel radically changed, as my audience would most certainly be in business mode. Trust me, it’s an important task to know your audience and when you take extra efforts to give them some consideration, it goes a long way.

Marshall writes, “Marketers can create podcasts to build an audience based on a brand or a specific area of expertise. If they trust you, then people are likely to start trusting what your business can bring to the table — and they’ll show their trust with their pocketbooks. Whether it’s for your personal or organizational brand, building an audience of listeners who know, like and trust you — and are comfortable giving you their money — is a smart business strategy. In fact, 41% of monthly podcast listeners have household incomes of $75,000 or more. Reaching them makes sense financially.”

Read those words – reaching your audience makes sense financially. It does. My company’s motto is, “We’ll help you tell your story.” And I mean just that. Showcasing your business or your brand to others is exactly like telling a story. When I have to give a Cole’s Notes on my company, I generally say, “I’m a 30-year veteran of Canada’s radio, television and print industry. I help my clients share their brand or business achievements by utilizing every technique I learned while working within mainstream and digital media. I’m a social media expert, a writer, photographer and a voice-over artist. I work with my clients to build their brand with creative, new ways to tell their stories.” Done. And by using these key words and phrases, it becomes my goal to find clients whom I can help and show them ways to build audiences who like them and trust them. I reach my audiences by telling them what they can expect. How novel. A podcast is not a gimmick, nor is it splashy trend. It’s an amazing tool and I urge you and anyone else who is thinking of taking the plunge to learn some of the finer basics on how to get started.

I’m hosting a podcast workshop Tuesday, September 24th in Saskatoon. I invite you to come. It’s called PODCAST BLAST! Several people have already signed up and many others have asked me about what we’ll learn. Quite a few people have said they’re not ready yet. And I urge them to turn that thinking around. The workshop is here now! I tell them you cannot over-plan a podcast because there is every likelihood the idea and direction will change along the way. It’s just the nature of fluid creativity. I know this and feel comfortable with the concept, likely because of all my years in live radio. In this workshop. we’ll start broad and then hone in on some focussed direction. I’ll explain what equipment works best, how to edit things in (or out!) and how you can plan podcast ideas for the future. In my world, everything is an idea and every idea can be articulated into stories. And those stories – trust me – can help your business or brand. This is a good workshop and will help you get started with a podcast, or it will help others rebuild or rebrand their concept.

Join me! It will be held in a nice conference room at the The Home Inn & Suites – Saskatoon South. It’s an Eventbrite workshop, so you can get your tickets in the link I’ve embedded.


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