September 24, 2019, Saskatoon

9:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Home Inn & Suites – Saskatoon South

In an age when people lose hours to screen time, aimlessly scrolling on social media, podcasts can provide your clients, potential clients and newcomers an idea of just who you are and what you do…


Podcasting has become an essential tool to help you showcase your business or brand. More and more savvy businesses are turning to podcasts to tell their stories.

Podcast Blast! is a hands-on workshop that will walk you through the steps to creating a unique podcast – from recording to distribution

Group Learning & More

During Podcast Blast! participants will get an introduction to the elements needed in order to make their own podcasts. With a focus on content creation and production techniques, participants will develop ideas for podcasts, learn the qualities of a good interview, how to be a good host, how to edit for podcasts and the use of legal sound and music

How we’ll work together in this workshop

This in-person course will guide you through an exercise recording audio with anything from a smartphone to pro audio gear and show you how to add those finishing touches for a polished, professional product.


We will walk you through some of the basics of microphone techniques, basic audio editing and how to post your podcast on-line.


  • how to get started developing your podcast idea and create a production schedule;
  • how to get familiar with production techniques, including equipment and audio editing;
  • how to stage a good interview;
  • and how to share your podcast.

About Christina Cherneskey

Podcast Blast! is led by broadcaster, journalist and entrepreneur Christina Cherneskey. Christina has 30-years experience in Canada’s radio, television and print industry. She’s an award-winning broadcaster who has worked with production teams across the nation building quality audio products. She also creates social media campaigns for many companies and entrepreneurs in Saskatoon and Toronto. Her company, Christina Cherneskey Communications LTD, offers clients creative ways to share their talents, products or services to a vast audience. Christina also produces, participates in and creates podcasts for her clients, as well as for herself!


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This is a 3-hour workshop beginning at 9:15am on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

There will be a short break midway through the workshop. Because of the amount of content, the break will be quick.

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