Get the best podcast/broadcast techniques from a radio and podcast professional

Welcome to Podcast Blast! This is a 3-hour workshop I have been leading in centres across Canada, showing people from all walks of life how to start a podcast and how to build upon its success.

I’m Christina Cherneskey, a 30-year veteran of Canada’s radio and television industry. My company, Christina Cherneskey Communications offers solutions to clients who want to communicate their brand or message to the public. I use my years of experience to show clients the best way to manoeuvre through the tricky passages of the media world. I’m also an expert in creating visual messaging as well as extremely well-versed into how to promote your brand through social media.

When I created Podcast Blast last year, I did so in order to show businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs how important it is to not only start a podcast, but to enter into this new world of broadcasting knowing how to successfully create a podcast that can be lasting and have true meaning.

I’m available for your group, non-profit, organization or company to show you how to start podcasting. I’ve travelled to Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina offering workshops to a vast array of professionals who simply want to learn good steps in order to start a podcast.

My starter course is 3-hours long and walks you through the starting steps to get going. I also offer longer, targetted sessions.

According to the initial findings of the 2019 Canadian Podcast Listener (CPL) study, podcasts are opening the door for advertisers to reach an on-demand audience. The authors of this study – Audience Insights Inc. and Ulster Media, with support from The Podcast Exchange (TPX) – say podcasts can help advertisers unlock an audience which prefers digital on-demand media as opposed to traditional media sources.

This shows the importance for business in Canada – especially small businesses – to get some knowledge as to how to create and maintain an effective podcast, because someone will listen. Then someone will learn more about your services or product. And finally, someone will understand you indeed are the expert.

I’m a journalist and a former radio talk show host. I can guide you on how to lead interesting interviews and create lasting content that will be of interest to your targetted audiences.

Contact me at and we can talk about the best way I can help your group or organization get a podcast started!

Here’s what participants have said about Podcast Blast:

“Christina made me feel comfortable and confident about using technology! Great interview technique strategies and I am looking forward to my first project! (and I know she will be there to help me!)” — Lesia P.

“Christina’s insight on communications and podcasting is truly second to none. Her knowledge and mindset is inspiring. I highly recommend working with her and taking one of her sessions. You’ll be filled with new ideas and be ready to share them with the world!” — Casey S.

“Totally impressed with how much useful information was conveyed to us, in a supportive, fun workshop. I’ll definitely put the new skills to use. I walked away with lots of ideas. Thanks, Christina!” — May N.

“Just participated in Christina’s “Podcast Blast” workshop in Vancouver and LOVED it. Christina is knowledgeable, organized and fun. Action packed workshop included succinct overviews (everything you wanted to know about podcasting but were afraid to ask??), practical information (equipment needed and how to set it up) and time to practice interviewing techniques. I highly recommend this workshop and look forward to others.” — Gayle F.


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