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It’s really nice to have you here. I mean that. Thanks for coming in to take a look.

Christina Cherneskey Communications is clearly my business. In short, it’s a PR company. But it’s more than just a public relations company. I am a veteran of Canada’s radio, television, and print industry. Most of my career has been in front of a microphone, in a radio or television studio somewhere in Canada. Notable stops along the way for me were in Toronto, where I hosted talk radio and a television show and Saskatoon & Regina, where I had several radio-journalism stints.  I hang my hat in Saskatoon now because it has been and always will be home. But that doesn’t stop me from travelling to other locations in the country to meet and work with clients.

Frankly though, it’s what I have done BEHIND the scenes which makes me proud of all the services I deliver now. Canada’s media industry has changed radically over the last few decades. And it was always my priority to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, when the digital wave seriously hit about 10 years ago, I was ready. And staying ready is my prime focus now. Let’s face it, we all know social media changes virtually every day. Ways to deliver products, messages and branding is constantly evolving. So, by staying sharp, I help my clients deliver their brand to the audiences they want to target. In many ways, my new company follows the same goal and aspirations as working in mainstream media: understanding the audience, knowing how to deliver a message to them and creating the best ways to keep that audience engaged.

If you, your organization or your company wants to deliver a message, product or advertisements to your clientele, or to create more interest, or to get more sales, then contact me here. We can discuss the best ways to create a targetted campaign that will reach your intended audience.

I specialize in many areas – thanks to the many opportunities I have had over the years: I create social media, PR and mainstream media campaigns; I am a photographer; I am a certified, licenced drone pilot: and I have a professional voice-over career. As well, I write all the campaigns and literature for my clients and have my own audio studio. I have taken leadership courses to better myself and use that confidence to deliver keynote and motivational speeches. As well, I teach podcasting classes to groups, entrepreneurs and other agencies. I KNOW how to do this business and I strive to do it well – when I start on your project, I have practically every tool immediately available to ensure the best outcome possible.

I’ll end my first blog post here with an invitation to you: I am hosting a podcast class September 24th in Saskatoon and I hope you will attend. It’s limited seating, so please think about this upcoming event, called Podcast Blast! If you have been pledging to start a podcast for your business, or charity or anything else, you’ll want to take this class. It’s only three hours, but it will show you what you need to create a good podcast, that is targetted precisely for your listeners. I’ll leave the link to sign up here:


And, thanks again for stopping by!


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